Duncaster Gallery Presents Art by Linda Madin
November 25, 2019
Duncaster Hires Vice President – Health Services/Administrator
February 5, 2020

“Welcome to Duncaster”

Kente Weaving from Ghana, West Africa

Commissioned and donated in 2019 by a Friend of Duncaster

The origin of the Kente (Ken-te) cloth of Ghana West Africa:

As the story goes, two best friends learned to weave by observing a spider spin its web. They wove in imitation of the spider, using raffia fibers to create a strip of fabric. Their leaders were so impressed with this new cloth that it became the royal cloth, saved for special occasions.

Kente is a regal, sacred material worn only in times of extreme importance. It is the cloth of royalty. This cloth continues to be held in high esteem by Ghanaians globally. Duncaster residents embody the spirit of unity, kindness, relationship, connectivity, and fun, which the colors of this cloth represent.

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