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Learn more from those who know us best—the people who live at Duncaster. Then come see for yourself!

Marianne Ansbro

“Our mother has the good fortune to be living in one of the safest places possible at this time.”

Mrs. Barbara Gibb

“I love it here. I bet you will too.”

Mrs. Jane Carpenter

“There is never a dull moment.”

Marcia & John Hincks

“It’s so special when neighbors become your friends.”

Thayer & Pat Browne

“Our far-flung children don’t have to worry.”

Phil & Katie Reynolds

“It’s so special when neighbors become your friends.”

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Marianne Ansbro

My mom, Jo-Anne Ansboro has been a Duncaster resident since 2001

“On behalf of my family, I want to express our thanks to you, your leadership team, and every member of the Duncaster staff for the outstanding care and dedication each one of you has demonstrated throughout the pandemic. Not only have you stringently followed all CDC and Connecticut regulations and guidelines, you have gone above and beyond in ways big and small to make sure that every resident is safe, comfortable, and as happy as possible during this time.

All of us are suffering from “pandemic fatigue” by now, so I can only imagine what it is like for Duncaster employees, who not only have to protect their own and their families’ health, but also never forget that their choices and actions will affect the vulnerable Duncaster community, too. In particular, I want to tell you how much we appreciate your weekly updates. Their level of detail and transparency goes a long way in reassuring and reminding us that our mother has the good fortune to be living in one of the safest places possible at this time. Thank you also for continuously reminding everyone that they must not let up on mask wearing, social distancing, etc. until the pandemic is behind us.

Our thoughts are with you all as you continue to face this huge challenge, with congratulations for your success thus far and best wishes for the future.”

Mrs. Barbara Gibb

Duncaster resident since 2004

“Why am I at Duncaster? Getting older can mean loneliness, boredom, declining health, dependence on busy family members. But not if you give that all up and move to Duncaster. We have special programs from art and authors to history and world affairs, bridge groups, movies and lectures. There are exercise classes, a 75-foot pool and state-of-the-art exercise machines. So you see it is hard to be bored. We have a Hartford Hospital health clinic on campus and a highly rated nursing center. Family from near or far can visit and stay whenever you invite them. Make an appointment to take a tour and see everything Duncaster has to offer. I love it here. Bet you will too.”

Jane Carpenter

Duncaster resident since 2008

“There is never a dull moment at Duncaster, with the movies, book clubs, university courses, arts and crafts, swimming pool, gym, and best of all — new friends.”

Marcia & John Hincks

Duncaster resident since 2011

“One of the things that appealed to us about Duncaster was the fact that it is a true community. It’s small enough to know everyone. It’s so special when your neighbors become your friends.” – Marcia Hincks

“The staff is amazing. When we moved in we met Pearl, a wonderful housekeeper. She said, ‘Hincks—I used to know a Hincks who lived here!’ Well that was my mother! There is something wonderful about an organization that can hire bright, cheerful people and keep them on the staff for 25 years.” – John Hincks

Thayer & Pat Browne

Duncaster residents since 2008

“Duncaster is beautifully laid out and well-built, just the place for us to live in our retirement, with a friendly, caring staff, varied activities and a medical clinic protected from any inclement weather under one roof. And our far-flung children don’t have to worry about the possible need for long-term care in our declining years.”

Phil & Katie Reynolds

Duncaster residents since 2007

“Phil and I really like Duncaster. After 45 years in our 10-room house in West Hartford, it is a relief to downsize and just enjoy our sunny apartment, pleasant views, interesting activities and delightful companions. The beautiful dining venues provide a lively setting for good food and conversation. We have always enjoyed being involved with fascinating people in organizations, politics and families, so a move to the congenial and stimulating community of Duncaster seemed like a natural next step. We have never regretted the decision.”