Ensuring the safety and security of our residents is a multi-faceted, community-wide effort.

At Duncaster, resident safety is so much more than safeguarding against physical injury—it’s about emotional and financial security as well. From locally severe weather to pandemic safety—and everything in between—we continually strive to address individual and campus-wide needs quickly by partnering with experts from a variety of industries to stay ahead of the curve and take immediate action when necessary.

Campus Safety

Campus security is always a top priority and safety measures taken by Duncaster include:

  • 24-hour security services — including dedicated personnel
  • Urgent response call system within each residence with 24-hour monitoring
  • Campus-wide fire safety system
  • 100% generator back-up system
  • Dedicated television channel and phone numbers for broadcasting real-time emergency alerts
Storm Preparedness

Living in New England means living with a wide range of weather conditions year round. And as extreme weather events become more common, being ready for any scenario is vitally important. Duncaster is always prepared with:

  • 100% generator back-up power in case of outages—no loss of electricity, heat or medical care
  • Fully enclosed facilities with services and amenities—including dining and health care services—all under the same roof
  • Storm-grade construction and windows to withstand the elements
  • Plans of action that are frequently reviewed and distributed to ensure proper understanding by residents and staff
  • Real-time emergency broadcasting across dedicated television channels and phone numbers
Pandemic Safety

COVID-19 was an unprecedented event for all of us. When the crisis began, we put restrictions in place immediately and followed proper social distancing, masking and disinfecting protocols and our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to meet our resident’s daily needs. To ensure the safety and well-being of our residents during quarantine, Duncaster provided:

  • Daily delivery of meals, mail, newspapers and packages to residents
  • Grocery store and pharmacy runs by staff for residents
  • Streaming of exercise classes, culture, entertainment and resident educational lectures on Duncaster’s in-house television station
  • One-day online university programs
  • Fun treats like ice cream cart visits
  • Delivery of hard-to-find essentials like toilet paper, disinfectant and wipes by our in-house commissary
  • A staff/resident buddy system to keep everyone safe and happy
  • Compassionate and knowledgeable staff on campus daily

Duncaster was among the first in the state to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and through a series of clinics, quickly vaccinated 99% of residents.

Emotional Security

Research has shown that on-going social isolation can lead to higher instances of anxiety, depression and cognitive decline and that people who engage in meaningful, productive activities with others tend to live longer, boost their mood, and have a sense of purpose.

At Duncaster, you can:

  • Find New Friends among a diverse group of people all at a similar stage of life. A monthly calendar of events and programs helps you stay as engaged as you want to be.
  • Practice Wellness for Well-being with programming that includes meditation and relaxation classes to promote healthy self-views.
  • Access a built-in support network whether you need a friend to talk to, a personal trainer to help you stay fit, a maintenance person to help change a light bulb, or even a nurse to visit if you don’t feel well during the night. Our full-service community caters to your needs.
  • Bring your four-legged friend! Research shows there are many benefits to owning a pet and your dog or cat are always welcome at Duncaster.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’ll enjoy the financial predictability and health care security a Life Plan community offers.
Financial Security

Feel confident about the road ahead knowing you’ve prepared well. At Duncaster, your financial well-being is protected with:

  • A variety of flexible financial options to meet your individual preferences and budget
  • The assurance of future health care at predictable costs
  • Asset protection through a LifeCare contract
  • Estate planning advantages with refundable entrance fee options
Health & Wellness

At Duncaster, we support the philosophy that there are seven dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual and environmental. Our Duncaster 360˚ wellness program provides opportunities for residents to realize their full potential in all dimensions of wellness with:

  • Access to the Aquatic & Fitness Center with a fully equipped gym and indoor, heated pool
  • Wellness programs & fitness classes focused on promoting strength and stamina, balance and calm
  • An on-site primary care clinic affiliated with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
  • Lifelong learning opportunities through lectures, discussion groups, and courses with the University of Hartford’s Presidents’ College
  • Clubs and groups, many run by residents, in a variety of areas from opera to world affairs to creative writing
  • Regularly scheduled events and outings

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