Is Aging in Your Home Really the Best Option?

Television that appeals to older people regularly features ads about the value of staying in your home as you age. But is it really the best choice? What if you and your spouse wanted a more manageable life, but your spouse has the added challenge of a complicated medical diagnosis? Would you feel comfortable scheduling, managing, and monitoring all the help your spouse needed while also taking care of your own needs and maintaining a home? What if a hired caregiver was unable to arrive as scheduled due to illness or severe weather? Could you perform the needed tasks?

A LifePlan retirement community like Duncaster is purpose built to support you and your spouse at every stage. If one partner needs more care or extra help, it’s available – along with the promise that it will always be there. If a spouse needs a higher level of care, they can receive it in-home or transition to a more supportive neighborhood, while you remain in the apartment you shared together. Plus, you have the security of knowing that LifeCare will keep your monthly living expenses stable and predictable.

At Duncaster, residents also have access to comprehensive on-site primary care provided by board-certified geriatricians and geriatric nurse practitioners affiliated with Hartford HealthCare Medical Group. Residents can enjoy the convenience of having their doctor on site by selecting one of the geriatricians as their primary care physician. Having a gym, pool and multiple dining options right on campus also makes life a whole lot easier.

Although built to meet the changing needs of older adults, some residents would say that a retirement community bears some resemblance to a college campus – but that’s a good thing! At Duncaster, you can be as active as you wish. Unlike a college where most students are young and inexperienced, a retirement complex is full of people who have lived long, interesting lives. And unlike a 55 plus community or apartment building where one rarely knows one’s neighbors, a retirement community lends itself to meeting many people who are at a similar age and stage as you. Duncaster has many retired professors, teachers, physicians, engineers, and business executives and there are always opportunities for friendly conversation.

After considering the benefits a Life Plan community can provide, it may be the right time for you to explore all that Duncaster has to offer. Call Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, today at (860) 530-2371.

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