Maintenance-free living and LifeCare security—just two of the ways Duncaster makes aging easier and more fulfilling.

As a Life Plan community, Duncaster offers beautiful independent living residences and exceptional services and amenites with assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing services available right on campus should a resident ever need them. Multiple contract options — including LifeCare — offer financial flexibility and financial predictability so you won’t pay the potential high cost of long-term care.

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What is LifeCare? why would you need it?

LifeCare is a comprehensive plan that provides you and your family with:

  • Guaranteed Unlimited Health Care
  • Estate & Asset Protection
  • Financial Predictability
  • An Amenity-Rich Lifestyle

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December 1 or 10 at 11:00 a.m.

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Life with LifeCare at Duncaster starts at just $141,000!

With LifeCare, you receive the highest quality long-term health care as part of a predictable plan that safeguards your assets while providing a home in an inviting, scenic and amenity-rich neighborhood. LifeCare protects you and your loved ones from whatever uncertainties the future may bring.

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