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April 1, 2021
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Duncaster celebrates as Marjorie Rowe, R.N., has been selected from a statewide applicant pool to receive The Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing in 2021. The Nightingale Award is Connecticut’s largest statewide nursing recognition program. We are deeply honored to have Marjorie Rowe on our staff as Infection Preventionist/Staff Development.

Marjorie was promoted from Evening Supervisor to Infection Preventionist/Staff Development at Caleb Hitchcock Health Center at Duncaster in early 2020. By the end of February, we had entered a pandemic. Marjorie stepped up and never looked back. She leaped into her role, instructing staff on our pandemic response plan, continually revising infection prevention policies, engaging staff and mentoring them. Then, as guidance changed, she kept abreast of the changes and pivoted daily to revise instructions and reeducate staff. 

Her goal was clear: we must do everything in our power to protect each other. Marjorie communicated this goal to all and maintained a positive attitude and a commitment to her work that rubbed off on everyone. Staff sought Marjorie when there was a question, and in turn, she supported them when they needed guidance and mentoring. Marjorie has been a true warrior in the fight against COVID-19, demonstrating excellence every day. She made herself available on weekends, and all hours of the evening, and overnight, to educate staff on infection prevention and the safest way to don and doff personal protective equipment. She worked tirelessly to update policies and protocols to keep pace with changing guidelines. 

More recently, Marjorie has been vocal in the community, educating others about the importance of vaccines, and their safety and efficacy. Her relentless efforts have helped many gain a comfort level in taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Her motto has been: “Take the vac and get your life back!’  Her efforts have had a significant impact on our community. Duncaster residents and staff are blessed to have Marjorie’s nursing leadership and service to our community. Marjorie Rowe resides in Hartford, Connecticut.

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