Meet New Resident Emily Becton

Mrs. Emily Becton moved to Duncaster from Florida in early July of 2021 to be closer to her daughter. Emily’s story is a little different in that she arrived on move-in day without ever having visited our campus due to travel complications and safety concerns related to COVID-19. Emily’s daughter lives nearby and she worked with us and Emily to choose just the right finishes for her apartment home while Emily remained in Florida preparing for her move.

The entire process worked extremely well. When Emily arrived at Duncaster and saw her new home for the very first time she was overjoyed. “The beauty of the community and the kindness of the staff were beyond my expectations,” said Mrs. Becton. “It feels like living in a resort to me. I still have friends in Florida and when I speak with them, I have to be careful not to sound like I’m bragging too much about where I live now.”

Emily appreciates Duncaster’s “less must-do, more want-to” philosophy. As someone who recently retired from cooking, she appreciates the dining options at Duncaster. She enjoys taking exercise classes with fitness instructors Mary Root and John Hoadley. Emily also enjoys flower arranging and has joined the Floral Committee where she and others volunteer to make lovely bud vase table arrangements for the dining rooms each week. She’s also interested in joining the Decorating Committee and recently established her own social bridge group that meets each Tuesday.

Mrs. Becton is cheerful and outgoing and maintains an upbeat, positive outlook which has served her well. Over the years, she’s lived in 6 different states and recognizes that her outgoing nature helps her meet new people and make friends. When asked what she is looking forward to in 2022, Emily said that she wants to be fully involved in her new Duncaster community and for her, creating close friendships is a big part of that.

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