Exercise Your Options at Duncaster

Bad weather is no reason to slow your daily wellness activities. Wellness Director Lucy Eyre develops fun ways to keep Aquatic & Fitness Center members healthy, resilient, and engaged in meaningful exercise year-round. “It’s important to keep moving. Exercise helps to combat the winter blues by releasing endorphins and boosting feelings of happiness”.

When it gets cold and slippery outside, The Aquatic & Fitness Center provides indoor enjoyment while helping you meet your fitness goals. With Lucy and her team to motivate and guide you, even non-gym people can find a way to engage in meaningful exercise.

The goal is to find something that you enjoy so you will stick with it. If you like walking, Walk the Loop. It’s an indoor route with activity stations that incorporate cardio, stretching and meditation. Take a dip in the pool, use the fully equipped gym or choose from a variety of in-person or streaming fitness classes.

You don’t have to be a Duncaster resident to be a member of the Aquatic & Fitness Center. If you’re age 50 or better, Duncaster is here to help you create a personal wellness plan so you can achieve your goals. Call (860) 380-5006 to learn more.

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