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Less must-do. More want-to. | February 2022

Bored? Check out the flowers that bloom in the night.

One of the best parts of living in a community like Duncaster is the ability to be as busy as you like. If you are a person who loves to learn new things and explore new opportunities, Duncaster offers over 40 different voluntary clubs and activities. No matter what you enjoy, there is a group at Duncaster that shares your interest and is eager for your participation.

From Woodworking to World Affairs, Environmental Stewardship to Memoir Writing, at Duncaster there are plenty of opportunities to develop new social connections that can lead to deeper friendships. For example, if you enjoy flowers and plants, there are several different ways you can be more involved. You might volunteer to help water plants in the greenhouse, sign up for a garden bed of your own in our resident flower/vegetable garden, or help create interesting floral arrangements for the hallways or dining rooms.

At Duncaster, Carol Forte oversees the Greenhouse. With support from Master Gardener Catherine Lyons, Carol and the Greenhouse Committee care for the lush and lovely plant specimens located in the Greenhouse and the exterior bubble windows. Said Carol Forte, “One of my favorite plants is the night blooming Cereus. As its name suggests, it blooms at night during a specific time of year. The fragrance is incredible. I enjoy working with Catherine to take pictures and video when it does.”

If now is the time for you to pursue or re-discover your favorite interests, come explore all that Duncaster offers by calling Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at (860) 847-7128.

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