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Meet Our New Residents: Pam & Tom Matthews

Meet Our New Residents:
Pam & Tom Matthews

When we sold our home in Tolland we decided to try life in a condo. We purchased one in Windsor where we would be able to walk to stores, shops and restaurants. But, we settled into our new home shortly before the pandemic which made it difficult to meet people. Even before the move to the condo, we were planning to move to a retirement community when we reached 80, so we had already been discussing and visiting ones in the area. COVID convinced us to move up our timeline.

Prior to selling our Tolland home, we had looked at a number of communities similar to Duncaster. All of them were very nice, however after each visit, we both knew that something was missing. Duncaster was the only one we found that was genuinely warm and welcoming. The other places physically were fine, but Duncaster was special. We felt the friendliness and genuine care that the staff gave to residents, and the residents we met were so open and friendly that we knew that this was the place for us. We joined the LifeCare On the Go™ program and started using the gym and pool frequently, enjoyed the wonderful dinners, and met such caring and delightful staff and residents that as soon as an apartment became available, we jumped and decided the time was right.

Our children are in Connecticut and we never felt the urge to retire in any other location, so we’re here and LOVING IT!! We are close to our children who are both married to wonderful spouses, we have an outstandingly handsome grandson who attends UCONN, and we’re HERE! Having lived in a number of states, in Europe and in Asia, we know that Connecticut is home and Duncaster is a winner for us.

Experience the Duncaster difference for yourself by taking a tour and meeting our warm and welcoming residents. Call Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, today at (860) 380-5006 to schedule.


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