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Less must-do. More want-to. | March 2022

The Retirement Planning Quiz

Deciding when to make a move to a retirement community is one of the most important decisions a person will make during their lifetime. To help in the decision-making process, Duncaster offers the following quiz to help older adults understand when it may be time to consider making a move.

What are the signs that tell me that it is time for me to begin considering a move to a retirement community? (If three or more of the following apply to you, it’s time to start your search for the right retirement community.)

  • You enjoy good health and want to maintain maximum independence as you age.
  • You don’t have children or relatives close by to lean on in an emergency.
  • Housework or yardwork is becoming increasingly boring or difficult to manage.
  • You don’t want to become a burden to your family in the future.
  • You want a secure future for your spouse if something were to happen to you.
  • You need to feel sure that you have enough resources to cover your retirement and any future medical care that you might need.

What are the physical, mental or other changes that signal that I should move soon? (If two or more of the following apply to you, it’s time to consider this move seriously.)

  • Your house and yard are becoming neglected because you have less strength for, or interest in, their upkeep.
  • You find it difficult to get out like you used to complete routine tasks like shopping.
  • Chronic health conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes are less under control and/or you struggle to prepare and eat healthy meals.
  • You’re facing a major home repair within the next year, and you no longer have the energy or the ability to cope with it.
  • It took longer than you expected to recuperate from a recent health scare.
  • You struggle with depression and no longer participate in activities that interested you a year ago like exercise, work, volunteering or attending social gatherings.

What are some signals that it’s time to act quickly? (If three or more of the following apply to you, it’s time to consider a move soon.)

  • There is no one close who could rush to your aid in an emergency.
  • You are becoming increasingly isolated and depressed in your home.
  • Your spouse would be unable to manage alone if something happened to you.
  • Many of your friends have already made new, supportive, living arrangements.
  • There are several rooms in your house that you no longer use, or clean.
  • You’ve endured a week-long power outage in the past and wonder how you would handle that situation if it were to happen again.

A move to any retirement community is an opportunity to unburden yourself from home upkeep. A move to a LifePlan community like Duncaster offers that, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never have to worry about unpredictable future finances while living a life you love. If now is the time for you to consider Duncaster, call Lisa Greene Vice President of Sales and Marketing at (860) 380-5006.

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