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Less must-do. More want-to. | February 2022

Single and ready to mingle?

With new online senior groups popping up on Facebook and Pinterest daily, it’s never been easier for seniors to connect. According to a study published in the Journal of Gerontology, seniors who stay connected with family and friends using social media report feeling better and less lonely. It also showed that seniors who stay connected demonstrate better cognitive functioning. Connecting is good for you!

Even though getting online is one way to stay connected, you can’t neglect the value of spending time with people in person. While seniors who no longer work, or who live away from extended family, may find it challenging to meet others offline, here are some ways to meet single seniors near you:

Volunteer: Individuals who are handy and active can consider contributing time and effort to keep nature trails in local parks and wooded areas clear. Others can volunteer at the local library or assist families at food pantries.

Faith-based Activities: In addition to finding fellowship with neighbors who share similar values, many places of worship make it easier to meet seniors by forming groups that participate in activities or volunteer within the community. They can also help seniors connect through social events, day trips or outings.

Continuing Education Classes: Many community colleges offer courses specifically for seniors. Choose from non-credit courses in painting, ceramics, culinary arts, gardening and more. In addition, many classes are offered for free (or at significantly discounted rates) for senior students.

Fitness Classes: Private gyms and local YMCAs offer activities specifically for seniors, such as aqua aerobics and Zumba classes. Individuals who are less mobile can still be active if they find a gym offering chair yoga or other courses appropriate for limited mobility.

Senior Trips: For a more adventurous way to meet others, sign up with a local travel company that offers day trips or with organizations that specialize in trips for older adults. Depending on your interests, you can choose an active, rugged adventure, or a more relaxed, laid back experience.

Senior Dating Sites: Today’s dating sites can be great ways to meet seniors– even if you are not interested in beginning a relationship. “Our Time” is one such site, but there are many others. Once you create an online profile, you have the opportunity to “meet” others online before choosing to meet them in person.

Senior Meetup Groups: If you’re not interested in dating, Meetup.com is an online social group that connects you with others that have common interests. Just enter your interest and location, narrow your search by inserting “senior” and you’ll see opportunities to meet others in your age group.

LifeCare Communities: Many seniors find that moving to a LifeCare Community like Duncaster offers opportunities to meet and form new friendships with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. These communities offer weekly recreational and social programs that make socializing easy as your neighbors are all at a similar age and stage of life.

If now is the time for you to expand your social circle, give Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing a call today at (860) 846-4425.

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