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Less must-do. More want-to. | July 2022

Holding On to Summer Traditions

If you participate in the holiday traditions and celebrations of summertime, you are doubtless looking forward to spending some special moments with friends and family. Your family tradition might involve a big potluck dinner, or a cookout by the pool, with sparklers and fireworks.

Those considering a move to a senior living community, such as a Life Plan Community like Duncaster, may worry that special family and holiday gatherings that they traditionally hosted at their home will now end. However, many senior living communities will collaborate with you to ensure these traditions continue in your new home.

For instance:

  • Duncaster offers spacious residences, which can accommodate family gatherings. Independent living apartments have full kitchens, so you can cook your favorite recipes.
  • Alternately, Duncaster offers catered dining. You may order fully prepared meals to be delivered to your home, saving both time and the hassle of food preparation.
  • Duncaster also has an array of indoor and outdoor communal gathering spaces, many of which you can reserve for private events. A family potluck may be the ideal option for these venues.

Keep in mind, if your holiday duties are becoming burdensome, a move to a senior living community is the perfect time to relinquish hosting duties to another family member or put a new twist on family traditions. Remember also that teaching adult children and grandchildren how to prepare favorite family recipes or perform holiday rituals is important. By doing this you help to ensure the passing of your family’s time-honored traditions to future generations.

While the location of your gathering may change, the most important element of any family gathering is the quality time spent with loved ones. A Life Plan community such as Duncaster will work with you to honor and continue your most meaningful traditions.

If now is the time for Duncaster to help you put a new twist on your family celebration, call Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, today at (860) 380-5006 .

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