Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues

Seasonal isolation can lead to loneliness, but at Duncaster you can stay active and engaged with over 40 different resident-led committees or special interest groups. From woodworking to world affairs, gardening to decorating, you are sure to find a friend who shares your interests.

And then there’s dining! Culinary Director Ken Cassella and Executive Chef Frank Zimber say, “Dining at Duncaster is more than just enjoying a good meal, its about having fun with friends and family and socializing.”

If shoveling snow has you saying “No!”, a Duncaster lifestyle assures the only time you will touch snow is if you choose to make a snowman. And if you do, you can warm up afterwards in our heated therapy spa.

No need to worry about extreme weather–Duncaster’s emergency generator will keep you safe and comfortable. Some communities only power elevators and stairwells, but our generator assures an uninterrupted power supply to all areas of campus, including your apartment home.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your winter woes, call Lisa Greene, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, today at (860) 380-5006 to begin a conversation.

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