IMPORTANT: As the COVID-19 numbers continue to surge in CT and the Greater Harford area we continue to be closed to visitors and ask that Independent and Assisted Living residents only go out if absolutely necessary. Use an abundance of caution for any doctor’s appointments or hospital visits. If you are experiencing symptoms (listed below) please let the Assisted Living nurses (ext. 5152) know so that they can assess you. We have the ability to do rapid testing and contact tracing.

The coronavirus continues to affect us all and how it impacts our daily lives is constantly changing. The best way to keep our community safe is through clear, accessible communications.

Here you can find regularly posted messages and updates from CEO Mike O’Brien, our guidelines and restrictions, as well as links to contacts and resources that may be helpful to you during this time. Please check back here often. As new information presents itself, changes in guidelines and restrictions may be necessary.

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